About Us

The Style Academy

In June 2012 managing partner Andrew Mellon approached 100 historic properties with The Style Academy concept. He had 39 requests for a prospectus, leading to 17 meetings with country house owners and managers across the breadth of the UK.

By October 2012 five stately homes were on board and confirmed as Style Academy hosts for the 2012/13 season, representing a range of stunning locations from the Highlands of Scotland to the Isle of Wight.

The Style Academy brings together some of the world's foremost artisans working today to offer ordinary people the chance to learn about and try for themselves a vast array of forgotten trades and skills. Each one takes place in a relaxed residential environment, set in beautiful surroundings rarely open to the public.

Hospitality is our hallmark and the eclectic Cooking School that accompanies The Style Academy wherever it goes will complement the range of courses and reflect the high standard of fine dining delights available at every step.