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The SaltWorks® distribution in the UK has been acquired by Salt House who will continue to provide Artisan Salts® collections and Himalayan Salt Blocks, Click the Logo to be redirected to the Salt House website.

Smoked Water - A Revolution in an Atomizer

Smoke is one of the prevalent and “on trend” flavours in the culinary World, with an explosion of smoked products coming to market in the past few years. A stunning new product arrives in the UK, Smoked Water, a concentrated 100% natural product, just water and smoke delivered in a fine mist from an atomizer.

Smoked Water is looking to transform the way we smoke, with just a couple of spays form the atomizer will give a lovely smoked flavour and colour without the traditional smoking techniques being required.

We have 3 exciting new atomizer products coming to market soon, a Roasting Honey, Natural Mesquite Smoked Sugar, and Natural Hardwood Smoked Sugar adding a finishing spray for delivering a smokey sweet flavour, working in harmony with Smoked Water.

The Smoked Water comes in a 30 ml atomizer bottle delivers an average of 250 sprays of Smoked Water.